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Advantages of KBK aluminum alloy track

KBK aluminum alloy track can be divided into a variety of types according to the appearance. This kind of equipment can be used with pneumatic trolley or explosion-proof hand-held trolley to form a movable pneumatic lifting equipment. Among the lifting methods, the most common one is wire rope load. Of course, there will also be ring chains. This type of ring chain is relatively strong and durable, because this type of chain is relatively stable It is composed of lifting mechanism, walking mechanism and valve system.

Moreover, the lifting mechanism is composed of pneumatic motor, suspension assembly, planetary reducer, brake, lifting chain, hook assembly and main control valve. The main control valve can lift and lift heavy objects, and the brake can realize the positioning of lifting and lowering. Generally speaking, it can effectively ensure the safety of lifting operation, and also has flexible use method.

KBK aluminum alloy track can position accurately, which can prevent the inaccurate positioning of general lifting products. At the same time, it can control the speed at will and ensure the running speed. The equipment is simple to operate, beautiful in appearance, environmental protection, safety and easy to control



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