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Six problems in selection and application of KBK aluminum alloy track

Although KBK aluminum alloy track is easy to use and light. However, in the selection and use of KBK aluminum alloy track, there are still several problems that can not be ignored, for your reference, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

1. Selection of manufacturers

The customized KBK aluminum alloy track must be selected from a professional and experienced manufacturer, and its production technology and production equipment shall be inspected and compared in various aspects to ensure that the aluminum alloy track manufacturer has independent R & D, production and maintenance capabilities.

2. Problems that can't be ignored in material selection

The choice of materials is also very important. This has a direct impact on the later use and maintenance. The common KBK aluminum alloy track materials are stainless steel and aluminum alloy. It is suggested to select materials according to their own actual situation, operating environment and other factors, so as to ensure good use and economic benefits.

3. The matching of equipment size and operation environment should not be ignored

Due to the different application fields and environments of each customer, when installing KBK aluminum alloy track, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the installed track system meets the requirements of this kind of equipment in different environments, so as to ensure that the track size is consistent with the operating environment, and ensure that the system can be used normally and conveniently.

4. The safety of operators under the operating platform should not be ignored

When KBK aluminum alloy track is in operation, no matter whether it's staff or not, they can't stand on the track, and they can't be under or around the track, so it's easy to cause casualties when the goods fall.

5. Bearing limit of different tracks should not be ignored

Each type of KBK aluminum alloy track has its own limit, so we must not exceed the specified standard, otherwise it will not only bring damage to the equipment, but also may lead to accidents.

6. The operating procedure of the operating platform should not be ignored

Every day after the completion of the operation, it must be carried out in accordance with the specified procedures, and ensure the safe landing of goods, the staff can start to clean the site and equipment, and after the things are arranged, they can leave the work site.



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