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Introduction to the correct use of KBK aluminum alloy track

The existence of KBK aluminum alloy track has brought effective help to many industries, so it can be required by many industries. Of course, in order to effectively ensure the efficiency of equipment use, what we must do is to ensure the accuracy of equipment use method. The following small series teach you how to correctly use KBK aluminum alloy track.

When using this kind of equipment, the operator should pay attention to that the lifting capacity should not exceed the standard load, and at the same time, it should be used according to the marked lifting capacity. When using it, the handle should not be lengthened casually, because the lifting capacity of this kind of equipment is limited, and the two hand plate forces have different sizes. Lengthening the handle will make the equipment in use.

When using, it is necessary to check whether the wire rope is worn and kinked frequently. In case of such situation, it needs to be replaced in time to ensure the safety of use.



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