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Advantages of KBK aluminum alloy track

Aluminum alloy track with light pushing and pulling force and customized anti warping pulley are selected. Carbon steel or aluminum alloy profile is used as structural support or accessories. Aluminum alloy is a new material applied to light load crane, which has obvious advantages. The application of aluminum alloy in light load crane is commonly known as KBK aluminum alloy rail. It is a new type of lightweight material handling equipment composed of aluminum alloy and carbon steel. The carrying capacity of KBK aluminum alloy rail crane ranges from 80kg to 3200kg.

Advantage one

The smooth and stable system makes your operation more convenient, more ergonomic, lighter, better, more smooth and card free.

Advantage 2

Modular installation. Standard modular accessories make installation and transformation more convenient.

Advantage 3

Low friction coefficient makes it easier for KBK aluminum alloy rail crane to carry heavy load. The fitting precision of Ni wheel and aluminum alloy surface is higher and smoother.

Advantage 4

The unique combination of Ni wheel and aluminum alloy surface. So that the distance between the lifting points is larger and the cost is saved.

Advantage 5

KBK aluminum alloy rail crane ergonomic station design has a direct impact on productivity, so that your production efficiency, for the new light crane system to redefine the smooth operation of the characteristics, so that your lifting more easily



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